About us

About Us? Well it's quite obvious WE LOVE DOGS! 

I'm sure looking though our website the message is clear. We are dedicated to Dogs and everything related to Dogs. We are simply dog lovers. Our best friends are dogs, our favourite pets are dogs, we have dogs at home, wear dog t-shirts, drink out of dug mugs and wear jewelry with dogs on them!

Not only that but are homes are full of dog related items, whether that is dog beds, or our own dog themed bedding. Every inch of our homes are dedicated to our favourite animal in the world. Sometimes we even wish we were dogs! 

It is often said that a dog is 'man's best friend', and here at Finer Dogs we live by that statement. The earliest use of that term in the USA, is from the following poem:

The faithful dog - why should I strive

To speak his merits, while they live

In every breast, and man's best friend

Does often at his heels attend.

This poem gets to the heart of why we love dogs and believe them to be our best friend. It is their companionship, through the good and bad times they are always there for us. Their loyalty knows no bounds and can lift us up no matter what mood we are in. They make us laugh and keep us happy with their company. 

So here at Finer Dogs,  a couple of friends who came together with a shared goal: to help each other make exciting, unique, fun products that we can share with fellow dog lovers. We have a shared love and passion for dogs and have combined this to bring you really amazing products and designs. 

As of right now, we’re a small family run, dog loving company that’s been in business for two years, and we’re still growing.

Through Finer Dogs, we were able to combine our two passions - Dogs and awesome products - into a company that helps share amazing jewelry, clothing and anything else dog related with people worldwide.

For our unique custom design t-shirts and mugs, we personally design and manufacture these ensuing the highest level of quality for our customers. We believe in providing the best designs and materials to truly satisfy our customers.

We love to hear from you guys, with feedback and suggestion. Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything. We love to make new designs just for you guys out there to wear.