10 Ways Dogs Say ‘I Love You’

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10 Ways Dogs Say ‘I Love You’

If dogs could speak there is no doubt they would say it to you with words. Unfortunately that is not possible but that does not mean they do not love you or do not say it in other ways.

Sometimes saying something is not the same as showing it through your actions. Simply saying ‘I love you’ to someone does not actually mean you love them, if you do not manifest the love in your actions.

So here are 10 ways dogs tell us they love us, without ever saying a word:

  1. Eyes – When they stare at you with those beady eyes, it is as if they are shouting out their love. You can tell someone loves you by the way they look at you and dogs do show their love using their eyes.
  2. Loyalty – Staying by your side through the ups and downs is one of the greatest signs of love. Being there for someone is a great way of letting the other know you love them. Only those that love others will stick by them and not abandon them no matter what happens. Dogs stay with you all their life. They do not run away or look for new owners as they are loyal companions.
  3. Closeness – You dog getting close to you and hanging around you is a great way of showing love. You only try to stay around longer with those you truly love as wish to remain in their company. If your dog is getting close, leaning up against you, sitting near you then it’s their way of showing love.
  4. Tail – Wagging their tails is one way dogs communicate. It shows they are happy and enjoying them selves if done in a relaxed way. So if you see that tail wagging near you, then know you are the one making them happy.
  5. Hugging – Ever have the dog run and jump on you when you return? Then you know what it means. It is a big gesture and showing that kind of affection is only done to those they love. No one jumps on a stranger to hug them! 
  6. Bringing you things – We buy our loved ones gifts such as jewelry to show our love. Similarly dogs will bring and show you all kinds of items they find. Maybe even stuff you don’t want, but they don’t know what is valuable or not. For them it’s simply a gesture of love for you and a way for them to give you a gift.
  7. Yawning – If done at the same time is actually a sign of bonding. Yawning is contagious amongst people who are close to each other and it’s no different for dogs and you.
  8. Licking – Getting that lick from your dog can be another sign. They don’t do it without reason, and though not everyone enjoys it but they understand the intention behind it.
  9. Cuddling – If your dog is coming up and cuddling up to you on the sofa then there is no doubt. No one gets that close to someone for no reason, and wants to cuddle up. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a nice warm cuddle.
  10. Excited to see you – If you return home and they are really excited, want to play or jump up on you. If you do not love someone you will not be that excited to see them every single day! Love makes people want to spend time together and not bear being apart. So a dog being excited lets you know they missed you even for a few hours and love that you have returned.

Do you have any other signs to add?

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