How You Can Make Any Dog Like You!

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How You Can Make Any Dog Like You!

When meeting a new dog there will not be an instant connection all the time. Instead it takes time to build a relationship with love and trust. Whether it is a new dog you have or a family dog you want to bond and be comfortable around.

So here are some tips to help get a dog to like you. Follow these tips and soon dogs will be following you around!

  • Understanding – It takes time to understand your dog. You need to observe them and their behaviour. See what they like and dislike, how do they communicate, when are they hungry or need attention. Once you understand their needs it is easier to build a bond and relationship.
  • Space – Give dogs their own space, just like you they need to have their own boundaries and need a bit of alone time. The area can have their toys, a dog bed for them to relax etc. Make sure it is dedicated to them so they feel at home in their space.
  • Affection – Show them you care and are happy to see them. Can do this in many ways, such as petting or playing. Giving them treats is also a great way to break the ice. Getting to the heart via the stomach can never go wrong!
  • Praise – When dogs show good behaviour or follow commands be sure to praise them. Everyone likes to be praised and recognized. They will feel more at ease knowing your appreciate them and what they do for you.
  • Spending time together – You need to spend time together to build a relationship. If you hardly see each other, chances are you will not get along too well. Get to know each other, spend time at home and go out for walks. Going on a walk is a great way to bond, as it changes the environment and allows you to spend more time together.
  • Training – Training your dog will benefit both of you. You will spend time together learning and get something meaningful out of it. Them learning commands and doing basic tasks will help you communicate better and help understand what each other want.
  • Trips – If you are going out somewhere then take the dog with you. Let them feel a part of your life, and not just stuck at home. Why not try going somewhere nice every once in a while where you can take the dog with you. Have a fun day out and let the dog know he is important.
  • Companionship at home – Let dogs follow you around the house and into your rooms. Don’t just have one area of the house for them. Let them feel like a member of the household where they can accompany you to all the places in the house. Don’t let the companionship just be for certain time or for a walk outside.

Do you have any other tips to help someone get dogs to like them?

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