5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Dog!

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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Dog!   

Hey Guys,

Every now and again I have someone ask me why I keep a dog as a pet. It is mostly by people who never had a dog or any other pet, so it got me wondering about all the different reasons and how my dogs make my life that so much more AMAZING!

So here are 5 reasons I thought of which can be shared with our friends who just don’t get how awesome dogs are:

  1. Companionship – It is true what they say, that a dog is man’s best friend. I can think of no greater companion than a dog. They are extremely loyal and the bond between them and us is extremely special. They observe us all the time, our habits and routines and sometimes I think they know us better then ourselves. They can judge our mood and can lift our mood during the sad times and make us laugh during the good times. Dogs have a natural empathy and though they cannot speak our language, those that have dogs know they can communicate with us without any problems.
  2. Make us happy – Just spending a short time with your dog can make you feel better, more calm and relaxed. If you ever are feeling down, just take a few minutes out and play with your dog and suddenly your mood is lifted.
  3. Help keep us healthy – In the modern world with so many distractions and conveniences that make us lazy, dogs can help! I’m too lazy to exercise in the gym (or at home) but my dog inspires me to get up and enjoy pleasant long walks every day. Am not sure anyone can refuse to take the walks when they see those cute deep eyes!
  4. Make us more social – I have found having a dog forces me out of the house more and in turn has made me more social. I’ve made many new friends on the dog walk.
  5. Make us laugh – they say laughter is the best medicine and I do not know anyone who makes me laugh more than my dog. Whether it is the cute habits, or silly & funny things they do, you are sure to get a good laugh regularly with a dog around. 

Let me know some of things that dogs do to make your life more rich and meaningful?

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