Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are!

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Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are! 

We have a great new T-Shirt design available right now! Not only does it look cool, but with a heart touching message. 

It is something all dog owners aspire to become, and that is being the person our dogs think we are. In their eyes we are amazing friends and companions, so let the world know how they should meet the expectations of dogs on us. 

Whether it is a classic unisex t-shirt or a hoodies, we have  a variety of shirts options. So you can look great in the summer or winter. You can wear your favourite dog shirt any day, no matter what the weather. 

Feel great in these amazing t-shirts, that not only have a great message but feel comfortable while wearing them. 

You are bound to get noticed wherever you go and sticking conversation with fellow dog lovers. All eyes will be on you (and maybe your dog) while out for a walk. It is sure to get compliments and notice by all around you. 

You might even have to order a few more as gifts! 

Available now and in all sizes, so whether you are a small or an extra-large dog lover, we have you covered. 


Be The Person

Be The Person

From $21.95

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