"Dog hair completes the outfit " Dog Tag Bracelet

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"Dog hair completes the outfit " Dog Tag Bracelet

Any dog lover know that an outfit is not truly complete without the complimentary dog hair. It is a requirement to find hairs on your outfit and no dog lover would be caught dead with an outfit without dog hair on it!

Dog hair will be all over your house. From your couch, to your clothes to the most unexpected places. Sometimes you might even wonder how the hair got there! But that is part of loving your dog. You have to love them completely and that includes the hair. 

At the end of the day there is noting more amazing than dogs and the love they show you. Any mess they make or the hair we find on our clothes is insignificant. In fact after a while you will realize an outfit is not complete without dog hair. 

This beautiful bracelet has 3 wonderful charms. A heart with two dog paws engraved to symbolize the special place in your heart for your beloved angel. Another heart with a message of thanks for dogs enriching our lives and making them whole. A life without dogs is simply not worth living! 

And there is the final bigger dog tag with the message 'Dog hair completes the outfit' in a lovely italic font along with another paw. 

Diameter: 18cm

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"Dog hair completes the outfit " Dog Tag Bracelet

"Dog hair completes the outfit " Dog Tag Bracelet

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