Dog Safety Outside - Making Sure Your Dog is Safe Outdoors

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Dog Safety Outside - Making Sure Your Dog is Safe Outdoors

In my previous post I mentioned about some safety concerns in the house and today I want to mention outside the house, mainly in our gardens. Dogs love the outdoors and usually will be moving in and out if you have a nice spacious garden. So it is very important to have a safe space and environment that can bring joy and happiness to our beloved dogs. Here are some tips that may be useful for everyone.

The first thing is to make sure the fences or walls are big enough and do not have gaps so either a small dog can get through or big dogs get over. Dogs love to explore and need to make sure they stay within the premises and not in the neighbour’s garden!

Dogs are also great diggers so need to make sure they aren’t making some complex tunnels underneath the fences trying to escape! So regularly check the premises and have a walk around to see if any digging has occurred. Maybe have a small pit dedicated for dogs to play and dig if they enjoy it so much and are having issues near your fences.

Another major issue is protecting your plants and flowers. So if you spent hours into your gardening then make sure you fence that area up, otherwise all the hard work can be undone in minutes without even realising.

Additionally avoid planting flows that have toxins and cause irritations to dogs such as lilies or things like cocoa chips that are used instead of bark. Also things such as weed killers and the like must be avoided unless dog friendly.

Along with that keep things like pools, tubs, bbq set, gardening tools or anything else that can be potentially dangerous covered. Or place out of site and reach when not in use, depending on what is possible and easy. If you have a garage then obviously need that closed off due to car parts, anti-freeze etc.

As we know dogs like to chew on anything they get their paws on! So need to make sure nothing dangerous is around that they can chew and hurt themselves.

Many of these are common sense, but always good to get a short reminder just so we stay vigilante and aware.

Let me know your thoughts? 

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