Dog Safety While Out Walking

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Dog Safety While Out Walking

Dog walking is a natural part of a dog owner’s life. It will take some getting used to for new owners so here are some safety tips to follow especially if you are just starting out.

  • Plan your route – so not just wondering aimlessly and have a set routine. It will happen manage your time better and also get the most out of a walk. Also know if dogs are allowed where you plan to go, as some parks or beaches have strict rules about animals, so don’t want to end up with a fine!
  • Leash – invest in a good leash, something you are comfortable with and at first make sure you leave the house with the leash on so a dog doesn’t run out straight away. There will be some areas and times you want to go without a leash to let the dog run free. So make sure you know the local rules and regulations well. Also make sure the collar is secure and well fitted.
  • Dog poop bags – Always a must to clean up afterwards and not leave a mess on public property. So have bags/scooper handy when out for a walk.
  • Hydration – have fresh, clean water with you especially on warm days. Especially in the summer, need to ensure they remain cool, so do not leave in cars for too long or out in the sun.
  • Safe routes – following on from planning the route, you need to ensure the path/track are suitable for dogs. Some surfaces can be irritants to their paws while some areas might make a right mess. Make sure your route is safe and give their paws a wipe down when you return.

Have a great time out walking and remember these tips! They are mostly common sense, but a new owner might need to just get used to the new experience.

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