Love My Dog Rope Paw Charm Bracelet (With 2 Free Extra Changeable Charms!)

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Love My Dog Rope Paw Charm Bracelet (With 2 Free Extra Changeable Charms!)

Get the 'Love My Dog' Rope Paw Charm Bracelet and feel amazing. With a strong and durable rope chain you are sure to make the smart buy.

The rope chain is long lasting and no issues of discolouring like metal bracelets. So you can relax and wear this comfortable bracelet for years to come.

With an adjustable chain you will have no stress worrying about the size. Can easily adjust to how you feel on the day, whether you want it loose or tight.

Show your caring nature towards dogs by standing out with the dog paw charms on this bracelet. You also get 2 extra free charms so a wise decision as you get a customizable bracelet.

The bracelet contains an engraved message, '❤️  My Dog', showing your love for your best friend.

An very popular design that is sure to make you stand our and get compliments. It is a sure conversation starter by showing everyone how likeable you are as a dog lover.

The bracelet is very lightweight, so comfortable to wear 24/7. You will feel relaxed wearing it as well as looking trendy.

It comes in 4 colors, red, pink, brown and blue. So you can select the color that shows your fun personality.

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