National Kids and Pets Day

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National Kids and Pets Day

Today, 26th Of April is National Kids and Pets Day, which aims to celebrate the special bond kids have with animals. Kids have a unique bond with animals and on this day we remember and encourage them further.

It is recognized around the world and has been going strong for a number of years now since 2005. It is a great opportunity to teach and further promote the bond between animals and children. If there is a bond created in their youth when they are young, the chances are it will last throughout their lives. If children are taught and encouraged to show compassion and love to animals then they will be able to take better care of animals later in their lives.

Many of us remember dogs in our homes when we were young and how we had a special friendship with them. That bond has lasted the test of time and helped us understand animals and animal welfare a lot better.

This day can be used to teach children responsibility they have towards animals and highlight some of the issues faced by them. For example the crisis of dogs without homes in shelters. If young children are educated and learn compassion, love for animals and each other then the chances are we will have a better world in the future. If they are passionate about helping and looking after pets now, then when grown up they are more likely to take part in causes and carry out actions to make a difference. It will allow them to be more receptive and open to supporting good causes helping animal welfare. 

It is also an opportunity to highlight some of the safety tips and precautions children must take amongst some animals. Unfortunately there are still many incidents where some pets harm young children and this day can be a vehicle to educate people on how to create a safe environment for both pets and children. Many of these incidents are avoidable through education and taking proactive steps. 

Additionally the day also highlights how pets can help children with disabilities and lacking in confidence. One method that is suggested and promoted is for children with learning difficulties to read to their pets. This has shown to help increase academic success and build up confidence in a child. They may find it difficult to read aloud in front of adults or fellow classmates for fear of being judged. While reading to their pet can be a soothing experience. There will be no judgment and will allow them to practice in a safe environment using their pets to gain confidence.

So this day can be used for a lot of good causes and it is also a great occasion for the rest of us to reminisce about our childhood with our favourite pets! 

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