Still Time To Get Your Christmas Stockings!

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Still Time To Get Your Christmas Stockings!

Yes, thats right you have read it right. This year we have just got these brand new, custom made stockings! 

And all are dog themed, so now dog lovers do not miss out in the festivities and fun. 

Christmas is not too far and people are thinking about gifts and presents for their loved ones. Don't worry we will have plenty of great new products and offers over the coming weeks!

It's almost Thanksgiving, so you need to be quick as the festive period is in full flow now. 

However you can start with your stockings. We have a wide range right now, features fun messages and various dog breeds. 

Whether you are a golden retriever person or more of a frenchie or dachshund. 

There is one there for everyone. No doubt you will feel amazing having these up for the festival season. It is sure to be a talking point and make your friends and family jealous. 

You can browse below to see the stockings on offer.

Shipping is from the US and will take 7-10 business days. 

We ship internationally as well, so no one misses out. 

Why not get the dog one too!!

Size - 12.2 Inches Wide x 16.1 Inches Tall

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