10 Reasons To Take Your Dog For A Walk

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10 Reasons To Take Your Dog For A Walk

One thing everyone with a dog will have to get used to is the dog walk. This will become a part of their lives and daily routine. It is something that just needs to be done. But it just being needed should not be the reason why we do it, so here are 10 great reasons to go on a walk with your friend:

  1. Health – Their health is your hands and once you have a pet you have certain responsibilities. You don’t want them piling on the pounds and becoming lazy sitting around all day. So need to provide them with good activities and exercise so they can remain healthy and live longer.
  2. Your Health – Walking is a great easy exercise and those that regularly walk with their dogs tend to be fitter and healthier than others. You will get regularly exercise and workout daily. It will promote a more active lifestyle, which will be better for both of you and the rest of the family.
  3. Spends their energy in a positive way – Dogs are very active animals that do not like to sit around naturally doing nothing. You want to tire out your dog and keep them busy. If they are bored and frustrated they will channel their energy into destructive behavior. You will find them chewing on furniture, creating a mess and misbehaving if they are not kept engaged. So go out and spend their energy in positive ways.
  4. Less stress – a good long walk everyday can help you combat any stress during the day. You might have had a rough day at work, or not feeling upbeat. A good walk and fresh air can free up your mind and provide a good distraction, so you can return home with a fresh outlook.
  5. Improve your social life – You will meet many people while out and about walking with your dog. Walking down the street or park, chances are greater you will great others, strike up conversations. Whether it’s neighbours, dog walkers, or complete strangers with a dog it’s easier to strike a conversation. After all you have something amazing to talk about!
  6. Dogs will make friends – Don’t forget your dog will make new friends. Being out and about will improve their confidence through interaction with other animals. They will see other dogs in the park and perhaps make a new friend they can see everyday on their walk.
  7. Walking is in their nature – Dogs have their origins in wild wolfs and are know for walking and wandering for miles on end. Wolves would walk many miles for food and dogs in their nature have no problem walking as it is in their nature to search for food. It can be good to feed your dog after a walk as it may have psychological benefits. If your dog is getting lazy, then try this to bring back their natural instinct.
  8. Enjoyment – Walks can be fun, so go out and explore the world. Don’t take the same boring route every day. Instead mix it up and explore, find new places, experience new landscapes. Go early mornings or in the evening and experience beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Explore places you have not been before and will be shocked to see what you have missed.
  9. A good night sleep – An active day eliminates rough sleep. Tiring your self out physically will ensure you and your dog will go to sleep without restless nights. Your body will know it needs the rest as it has done a lot of work, so will have no issues trying to sleep at night.
  10. Friendship – It will deepen your bond, as the more time you spend together the stronger your friendship becomes. Get to know each other, bonding over walks. You can’t be friends and never spend time together or bond, you can’t call or text your dog, so the best thing is a good walk together.

Let me know if you have any other reasons?

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