World Veterinary Day

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World Veterinary Day

The last Saturday of April since the year 2000 has been marked as World Veterinary Day. This year it is on the 29th of April and it is a recognized event throughout the world. It was an initiative started by the World Veterinary Association to highlight the work done by veterinarians and usually each year a new important topic is promoted.

If you happen to visit a veterinarian around this time, chances are you would have seen them promote and raise awareness of certain causes. They provide a fantastic service to all animals whether it be dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds or any others you can think of. They work extremely hard and it is a great time to show our appreciation for their work.

They are actually the only medical doctors that protect the health of both animals and humans. They help in so many areas of medicine, research, public health, food safety and the environment.

They provide vital medical care to our beloved animals, saving lives every single day. They go out of their way to take care of animals no matter what the issue. From simple checkups to ensure good health to complicated life saving surgery, veterinarians are true heroes.

If you are ever in doubt or need advise for issues you have with your dog (or any other animal), they are the first point of call. They can educate you, help you in matters of dealing with your dog and providing regular checkups. They help ensure your pet stays health and is protected from diseases and illnesses. They are a wealth of knowledge and always there for the needs of your pet.

So lets celebrate this day and show our appreciation to these great people who sacrifice so much for animals. So raise a paw and salute veterinarians on World Veterinary Day today!

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