5 Games You Can Play While Walking Your Dog

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5 Games You Can Play While Walking Your Dog


After my last post regarding exercise I will now share some fun games you can play while taking your dog for a walk. Having fun, will takes the chore out of any exercise routine!

So here are my 5 games:

  1. Treasure Hunt – A simple game I play from time to time, where I simple throw a treat while my dog is distracted. Then I have him try to find it, stimulating his senses and mind. It keeps the dogs focused, sharp and alert after a while.
  1. Obstacle Course – I usually have a few set routes for walks, and after a while they can get tedious and boring. So I like to mix it up a bit, just using the natural environment around me. You don’t need any special equipment, just use whatever is on your normal walking route to mix up everything. Whether that is walking up stairs along the way, moving in and out of trees, plants, bushes or any other object or just varying between some lower and higher ground. These simple things can really help make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable. So jus get creative.
  1. Stop & Go – A really simple game with just 2 commands, Stop & Go, or anything else you would like to use instead such as stay etc. The idea is to praise and reward if your dog has followed the instructions. It’s another game like treasure hunt that will keep dogs engaged and on their toes.
  1. Faster, Slower, Stop – a tweaked version of the above, with extra commands. Really simple, with the idea now to add speed to the commands as well, so can have a slower and faster pace of walking. I realised my dogs, now even know what is coming next and are always prepared!
  1. Follow the leader – A really great and fun game, where basically you are the leader. The dog should follow your lead while walking, so just make sure you are not walking in the same direction as them, so they will need to adjust and think about what they are doing. Just keep them alert by changing direction, and after a while you will realise it will become second nature to them.

These are jus some simple games you can use, that just require a bit of creativity. No need to buy anything and just use whatever we have outside. The main idea is just to mix it up so you and your dog do not get bored, and just have FUN!.

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