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Good Morning Fellow Dog Lovers,

Hope you all are well. I friend of mine recently was complaining about dog hair everywhere in her house. I know we all know the feeling, there probably isn’t a place in our house where we have not seen dog hair before. Some times I have seen it in the craziest of places, often wondering how on earth it got there!

Dogs, usually shed hair all time, or at least it feels that way to me…

So I decided to list some useful tips to get rid of it from the house today:

  • Vacuuming – the most obvious way, just make sure you invest in a good one if a dog owner. There are many models out there that are dedicated to helping with dog hair, so should look into that before buying any vacuum.
  • Brooms/brushes – another simple way, where there are some that are really effective. I hear rubber brooms work best for hair.
  • Damp Mopping – great for tiled areas
  • Bedding – wash at least once a week if not more. Also can place some in your dog’s favourite resting place.
  • Rubber Gloves – especially on furniture. Will be amazed what you will grab in a few rubs!
  • Sponge – either dry or slightly damped, again on furniture can be very effective.
  • Cloth – especially micro fibred can be used on furniture
  • Velcro Lint brushes – another great one for furniture especially sofas, plus for clothes is a great option.
  • Covers – some places in the house can be covered with slip on covers and then can easily gather up the hair and can throw in washer every now and again.
  • Carpets – although not a removing technique but a few of my friends now have carpets matching the color of their dog. This hides the hair at times and gives the carpet a cleaner look.
  • Hardwood or Tile Flooring – Carpet is a nightmare for dog owners usually, that is why I prefer hardwood flooring. For me it looks nicer and a lot easier to clean. Makes it a whole lot easier, trying to get the hairs out of a carpet. 

Let me know what works for you as well and if you have any great tips and techniques you use to help with dog hair.

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