Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

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Bulldogs are Beautiful Day

Today 21st April is Bulldogs are Beautiful Day. I’m sure that is everyday for bulldog lovers though!

Sometimes bulldogs don’t have great publicity due to their look. Though not sure why? They often get stereotyped as a mean and aggressive dog, often a mascot for sports teams. However anyone who has been close with a bulldog knows how wonderful and amazing they truly are.

So here are some reasons why they are awesome:

  • Personality – They love to meet new people, very outgoing and fund dogs. They are easy to get along with and love spending time with you.
  • Their Look – Bulldogs have one of the most unique looks with their cute faces, to their adorable wrinkles. Bulldogs will stand out anywhere.
  • Don’t bark – They rarely bark and are more of a quite dog. They enjoy the peaceful, relaxed life. Won’t ever be woken by your bulldog at night barking.
  • Lazy like us – They love to just sit around on the coach in front of the TV just like us. They also love to sleep as well but watch out for them snoring!
  • They don’t need much exercise – Sometimes it can be a pain to even get them out for a walk. You won’t need to spends hours per day walking them or getting them to do some exercise, a short walk will do. Perfect if you have a busy life.

Sometimes I think bulldogs might just be humans stuck in their bodies. They share many personality traits with us and are a very enjoyable dog to be around.

They are extremely popular with them being the 6th most popular breed in the US. With many celebrities fans such as Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham they are now in the public eye. So I’m guessing there are many out there that would agree that bulldogs are beautiful!

How about you do you love bulldogs and why?

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