Earth Day

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Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, which is an annual event, celebrated every year on the 22nd of April. It is recognized worldwide, starting in 1970 and now with events in over 190 countries. It marks the historic Paris Agreement, signed by over 120 countries including the US to help bring in policies to protect our home, the planet Earth.

Everyone plays a part in maintaining and looking after the planet, no matter how small the action. So what can we do as dog owners to help with protecting the environment and mark the occasion?

Here are some suggestions that can help:

  • Cut down on the amount of poop bags used or switch to environmentally friendly biodegradable ones. You can scoop up in one go in your garden and try and use bags that decompose, as plastic bags are not good for the environment.
  • Recycle all pet supplies. If you have canned dog food you can recycle the cans and think of getting bigger cans as it will be less waste. Try to recycle all pet food waste you have left over. 
  • Look to buy from eco-friendly pet companies. Those that are trying to make a difference with sustainable practices. You can support these businesses by buying from them. 
  • Don’t let your dog overeat. Asides from weight gain problems, you should give them a moderate amount of food. It helps take pressure off resources producing the vast amount of food, especially meat, if we are not consuming as much. Plus less dog poop to clean up!
  • Donate old pet supplies to a local shelter. You might not need those old dog blankets, bowls or toys but there will be dogs that need them in a shelter. Shelters do struggle at times so always welcome support. 
  • Adopt dogs from shelters and encourage others to adopt as well. There is an over population crisis and many dogs are put down because of this. It is important to promote adoption from these shelters so these dogs can find a new home.
  • Spaying and neutering your dogs due to the over population crises. You don’t want unwanted pregnancies and with so many dogs out there without a home, it is not wise either.
  • Volunteer at a shelter so you can help find homes for dogs. Many are underfunded and under resourced so if you have spare time can try and help them out a little.
  • Go digital with your pet ID tag. If you regularly change your information and need to update your tag, just get a digital one, so no need to throw away.
  • Go out for a walk and enjoy nature. Take your pet for a nice walk on this day, and consider walking on most local trips instead of the car. It is healthier and more enjoyable for your dog as well.

Do you have any other suggestions?

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