Dog Paw Maintenance

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Dog Paw Maintenance

Hey folks,

I love dog paws, so much that they are even in the logo of my blog and site! They are so cute and beautiful but you have to put some effort into maintaining them. In order to keep them nice and healthy a little bit of work is required and below are some tips and ideas for you all.

  • Pedicures – without doubt a must for all dogs (and people). If your dog’s nails grow too long they need to be trimmed. Especially for those dogs that are not too active. A general rule of thumb is that nails should just about touch the ground when walking, and not drag. Make sure you know how to do it properly, otherwise it can cause damage so get a professional to do them if not sure.
  • Following on from pedicures, also check in between the paws for any dirt or objects stuck there. Anything such as small pebbles from their walk can be stuck there so have this removed regularly.
  • Groom the fur around the paw especially at the bottom of the paw. Not all dogs will have it but those that do, will need it groomed. Trim it so it does not touch the ground as many harmful things can get stuck in the fur such as dirt build up or de-icers in the winter.
  • Lotion Up! Use moisturizing lotion so the paws do not get dry especially in the winter. Also great if you see signs of cracking.
  • A good soak and massage. If the paw is irritated or swollen a good soak in water will do the trick. There are many products out on that part to help. Also why not a little massage to relax, re-energize and get the blood flowing. Perfect after a long walk or when tired.

These are some simple tips you can use to promote better paw maintenance. Let me know if you have more ideas.

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