How Many Dogs?

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How Many Dogs?

How many dogs do you have? A very common question I’m asked regularly, along with is there such a thing as too many dogs?

Not sure what your opinion is but I don’t think there can be too many dogs at home!

It all depends on your circumstances, and preferences really. Most people have one or two, although many do want more. I just believe there are some factors to consider before getting a dog, whether that is one or many:

  • Ability to care for the dogs – you must be able to actually for the new dog. Consider your situation, do you have the time and ability to care for an extra dog in your life? An extra dog will require extra effort to maintain and look after so make sure you are providing loving attention to your existing ones and have enough energy left over for another!
  • Money – Let’s face it, dogs are not cheap! There are many bills and expenses. From food, toys, beds to vet bills. You need to be able to financially afford a new dog in your life. It may seem like an attractive idea and you feel you have enough love to give but it will get very difficult for both of you if the financial resources are not there.
  • Space – Do you have the space in your house? Can they play, wander around freely and sleep easily? It might be fine for those living in the suburbs with larger houses and open spaces but may not be ideal if you are in the city centre with a small apartment! You need to assess the situation and see if there is enough space for the both of you as you will be loosing some personal space as well. Also check with your landlord and local laws regarding pets as you might even be limited in that regard.

So these are some factors to consider before getting another dog in your life. So let me know you thoughts and how many dogs you think is ideal?

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