How Can A Dog Lose Weight?

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How Can A Dog Lose Weight? 

Well the best option is not to actually reach this stage! However we know just like us humans, certain events can happen, or during some time period extra weight can be put on. So how do you go about getting your dog to lose weight if that has happened?

Being healthy and not overweight leads to a happier and longer life. It cuts out the risk to diseases and medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis and many more. Many of these can potentially be life threatening.

 It is important to remember being overweight is not simply an issue that can arise from overeating. It can also come from ‘couch potato’ lives, where the dog is not doing much every day other than sitting around at home.

In regards to losing weight, it really is simple. Eat well and get regular exercise. It is not difficult to know how to solve the problem, and almost everyone knows the answer. Whether it is dogs or humans, the answer is the same, it’s just that we do not like to admit the problem, or if we do, actually implementing these two things is not very easy. It takes time and discipline to see real results, so can be disheartening and easy to give up quickly.

The first thing however is recommended to take your dog to your local vet. Have a full check up to see if there are any underlying issues and also get advice and tips on tackling the problem. You want to rule out any other problems causing the weight gain just in case.

In terms of weight loss it is a simple formula. Eat less and well and exercise more! Make sure you are providing good food that is wholesome and healthy. You can ask your vet for recommendations on low calorie dog food. You need to be targeting the calories per day of the ideal weight and your vet can help determine this based on your dogs size and weight.

For the period of weight loss you need to ensure you are fully in control of the dog’s feeding and it is not up to them. Control the portions and do not allow them a free choice, anytime during the day. This is where you will need to be disciplined.

In regards to exercise, just get out there and plan fun activities. Make sure you take your regular walks and mix it up with fun activities. We have previous spoken about some activities and the amount of time a dog needs exercise in the blogs below:

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So follow this simple formula, and keep at it for a few weeks. You will not see instant results from the first day but gradual and incremental results. Keep a track and monitor what you are doing. Check the dog’s weight regularly and write down everything. This will help you see results more accurately and keep up the motivation.


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