How to stop dog boredom

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Ever had a bored dog? Returned home, seen the furniture all over the place? Anything that can be chewed upon, chewed?!

Chances are you most likely have had a bored dog at home. Dogs, just like us if not stimulated mentally and physically can get extremely bored. And we know a bored and idle mind is not good and usually leads to bad or destructive behaviour.

Here are a few ideas to stop boredom, and you can send me some of your own as well: 

  • Spend time together – I think the best method, can’t get bored with good company no matter what the situation. Spend time & do activities together, whatever it may be, try to involve your dog.
  • Go for a walk – always great for the dog and you. Just like a good walk freshens you and your mind, it will do the same for the dog.
  • Travel together – maybe you are doing some chores and running some errands, take your dog with you, whether walking or in a car.
  • Playing – so many fund games to play, make sure they are safe and healthy. Will create a great bond while having fun. Can play the typical games such as fetch, tug of war, hide and seek etc.
  • Puzzles – especially treat based ones when you are away is a great way to keep them engaged while alone. Whether that is a games based puzzle or you being creative and leaving treats hidden for them.
  • Chewing – dogs love to chew, helping to keep healthy gums and teeth. So give them something safe to chew on to keep them busy.
  • Other dogs – sometimes I think they can even get bored of us and need a fellow dog to keep them company. It’s great if you have more than one yourself, if not maybe help them meet others, whether on walks, or a friend’s dog.
  • Dog daycare – if available and affordable can be an option once in a while for something new and different.

In conclusion I think the keep is fun, healthy activity, no matter what it is. The idea is to vary and keep them on their paws. 

Let me know if you have any great ideas as well.

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