Dog Bone Safety

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Anyone, whether a dog owner or not, knows that dogs love bones. It is their favourite treat and often associated with dogs. Whether in media, TV, films, clothing, jewelry, a bone and a dog are not too far apart.

Now I often hear two opinions regarding feeding dogs bones, some say it is completely natural, while others have brought up some safety concerns. I’m not a scientist or have done extensive study but from my experience I have not experience anything negative so far. Although I do follow some strict safety tips to avoid anything potentially dangerous So I though I would share it with you today and get your opinion as well.

Raw bones – These are safe in their natural form. Whether it is turkey, chicken beef, lamb etc. It is great for maintaining dental heath for a dog, are tasty and easy to chew.

Recreational bones – these are more for chewing and my dogs love them, chewing for hours. Just be careful to replace once chewed down to smaller pieces.

Also it is important to get the right bones for the right sized dog to avoid any issues.

Cooked bones – I find these dangerous as there is a chance of them breaking easily. This can cause choking with small parts broken off or splintering, so there is a risk of internal injury. Can damage gums, teeth and throat and cause real pain. So I avoid these at all costs.

So I stick to either raw or those sold specifically for dogs and avoid any cooked ones. Just remember we don’t want a completely boney meal so mix it up at times!

So let me know what you think and your opinions?

Take Care.

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