National Puppy Day on 23rd March 2017

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National Puppy Day

Hey Fellow Dog Lovers,

National Puppy Day is almost upon us, on the 23rd of March this year. It was set up back in 2006 by the author and known pet expert Colleen Paige. It is an international recognised day, as known all over the world thanks to people helping spread the word.
The aim is to help puppies everywhere in distress, who have been orphaned or undergoing cruelty and ill treatment in puppy mills.
The issue especially in the US, is that dogs have become big business and seen more of a commodity, rather than a loving friend and companion. Many people are breeding dogs simply to sell puppies. Many of these breeders and puppy mills have horrific conditions, with dogs crammed into small cages, most of the time with hardly any place to move around and completely filthy. No access to proper medical care or check-ups either. Most of the puppies are taken from their mothers too young as well to ne sold. It often results in dogs not properly trained for the home, and instils bad behaviour leading to many being abandoned later on.
National Puppy Day helps to highlight these issues and help stop the over population of dogs. While calling for better care and management of dogs worldwide.
You can help and join in by:

  • Spreading the message
  • Adopting instead of buying
  • Donating to local shelter
  • Talking part in peaceful demonstrations
  • Writing to local Politians
  • Donating to local shelters and dog charities.
  • And any other way you can think of helping!

So help spread the word about this important day to friends and family. And let’s hope the message gets to the right people so we can end this cruelty to puppies worldwide. 

Kind Regards, 

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