How To Choose The Right Dog Bed?

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How To Choose The Right Dog Bed?

I know I love to snuggle up in a nice warm bed, and I’m sure dogs would love the same. I know you might have seen your dog sleep in the most weird and unimaginable places around the house without any problems, but I’m sure they (and us) would prefer a nice, comfortable, warm bed to get into.

So how do you find the right bed for your dog?

Well I think these few tops may help in your search:

  • Size – the most obvious thing really. Don’t want them trying to fit into a tiny bed! So measure them up, if you haven’t already. Remember to check how they sleep, some like to stretch while others cuddle up in a ball. You should then get something that is slightly bigger, maybe around 5 inches extra in length and width.
  • Location – need to know where they will be sleeping and get a bed accordingly. Do they sleep out doors, maybe need to check if material is suited to that, or the type of flooring you have or any other potential hazards in the way.
  • Cleaning – check out the washing instructions, can you manage it? Is it machine washable or not and so on? Might need a water resistant one for easy cleaning.
  • Quality/material – make sure you get the one best suited for your dog, don’t want an uncomfortable bed. But on the other hand don't want a big dent in your wallet. 
  • Style – might want to check if it complements your existing furniture and matches colors or not in the room. The bed must feel good and look good as well.

Let me know if you have any recommendations?

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