The Number 1 Bracelet For Dog Lovers

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The Number 1 Bracelet For Dog Lovers

Dog lovers like nothing better than showing their love for their beloved 4 legged friends. One way they do this is through jewelry. In fact jewelry for dog lovers is incredibly popular and many wear it to show supports for various dog causes, fashion or as a memorial for a beloved angel that is no longer with them. 

There is one bracelet that stands above the others right now. This is literally flying of the shelves. 

It is the Limited Edition Sterling Silver Dog Paw & Bone Bracelet. 

Love your dogs? Then this beautiful, trendy & popular 100% pure 925 silver bracelet is just perfect for you.

You can look and feel stylish with this Sterling Silver Dog Paw & Bone Charms Bracelet. 🐾

Whats more for a LIMITED time only it is on a massive discount! 

It is perfect to wear at any occasion or as a gift for a fellow dog lover. It's simple yet elegant design means that it can go with any outfit and occasion. Whether it is with your everyday clothes or a formal event, this bracelet will never look out of place. 

In fact it will turn heads wherever you go. You are sure to be asked where you got this bracelet from!

Benefits & Features 

- Highly durable, you'll be wearing this for years, saving money as this will be the only bracelet you will need. 
- Show your love for our favourite pets.
- Elegant design, perfect for you to wear at any occasion.
- Unisex so anyone can wear it and look stylish. 
100% pure 925 sterling silver.

Length: 19cm

Limited Edition Pure Silver Dog Paw and Bone Charms Bracelet

Limited Edition Pure Silver Dog Paw and Bone Charms Bracelet

Sale $34.97 Regular price

SAVE $40

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