10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than A Boyfriend!

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10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than A Boyfriend!

Haven’t got a boyfriend right now? Struggling to find one? Don’t worry you have something better, a best friend. Here are some reasons why having a dog is better than having a boyfriend:

  1. Dogs are loyal to you, no matter what! They won’t be hunting for new owners any time soon. You got a friend for life.
  2. They are great listeners, unlike a boyfriend they will listen to what you have to say. Will show empathy and listen to all your problems with their undivided attention.
  3. Dogs keep secrets very well. Unlike a boyfriend, you won’t find your dog gossiping (and yes men gossip more than women). You secrets are safe with your dog.
  4. Your dog will miss you when you are gone. He won’t be throwing a party, instead will wait patiently for you to return and hug you!
  5. Dogs don’t care how you look. They will love you when you wake up as well as when you have the makeup on. Their love is true and will not change no matter what the circumstance. To them you are perfect just the way you are.
  6. You can teach a dog new tricks, but try teaching and changing your boyfriends behaviour. It’s impossible, can try for years and not get anywhere with your boyfriend. While your dog will be house trained in no time, while the boyfriend my still require potty training.
  7. Dogs love a cuddle. No matter what time and where. They will cuddle for hours, without needing their 'space'.
  8. They love to hang out with your friends. Dogs enjoy the company of your best friends and do not mind a trip to the shops or a girls night in!
  9. Dogs love your cooking. They will eat up whatever you serve and never complain. To them you are the best cook they could ever ask for. No hints or suggestions to eat out with them.
  10. Dogs are extremely cute. No one can say your dog is not cute unlike a boyfriend! A dog is a real keeper. 

Let me know if you have any more fun reasons to add?

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