10 Reasons Dogs Are Good For You

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10 Reasons Dog Are Good For You

We all know how awesome and great our dogs are and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Improve Happiness – a short time spent with dogs, around 15-30 mins improves your mood. Relieves stress and makes you happier. Playing with your dog increases dopamine and serotonin levels in our brain, which is responsible for your pleasure and tranquility.
  2. Makes you active – helps with your cardiovascular activity. Dogs love to play and owners love playing with them. Whether it is a walk outside or any other activity, helps us keep active and in good health.
  3. Resistance to allergies – people growing up around dogs are less likely to develop allergies in their life.
  4. Better health – something as simple as petting your dog lowers heart rate and blood pressure. This helps to keep you in better health.
  5. Make you more social – studies have shown people with dogs make friends much easier than those without. They are great companions, and doing activities with them puts you in more places to make friends and be more social.
  6. Detect some cancers – can save your life, as they are able to detect some types of cancers in the body.
  7. Serve their owners – many dogs help those with disabilities and illnesses to lead a better life. Whether it is guide dogs for the blind, or those trained to bring medicine, they are great for those that need help in day-to-day tasks.
  8. Make you a better person – by caring and looking after a dog, you learn responsibility, patience and many other traits that will help you become a better person. It will make you more understanding and mature.
  9. Watchdogs – they are great at identifying any danger heading your way. Can alert you to anything suspicious and odd and will put any burglar off trying to rob you!
  10. Make you less stressful – dogs help relive stress, whether by petting them or being in their company. Even many workplaces are allowing dogs in the office to help employees relax and relive their work stress.

Can you think of any other reasons as to why dogs are great for you?

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