Why Do People Wear Dog Jewelry?

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I normally wear a charm bracelet with a dog paw or a necklace with a dog paw on it and I often get asked why do I wear it?

People find it strange I would wear jewelry that has dog symbols on it and think it is rather odd. They simply do not understand why I would wear something like my dog paw and heart shape necklace and not just traditional jewelry like everyone else.

I try and explain it to them but often wonder if it is them who are strange? After all they wear jewelry with odd shapes and designs but see dog-related jewelry as odd!

It’s simple why I wear it, I love dogs! And I’m proud to let the world know!

There’s a special bond between dogs and it’s owner. It can be a lifelong bond, with a companion through life’s journey, from the good times to the bad. Through all emotions, and occasions, my dog has been there with me and I want to celebrate that bond and companionship.

When people get married they wear wedding rings, parents wear jewelry from their kids, maybe a world’s best mom necklace or a locket with a small picture. Best friends wear a friendship bracelet. They why not wear jewelry to celebrate man’s best friend?

It’s not just relationships people celebrate and honour through jewelry, but other passions. People wear bracelets to raise awareness for important causes or sports fans wearing items to show support for their favourite team. In many why I wear some items to show support for passionate causes I believe in that help raise awareness for issues regarding dogs. 

So you can see, it is not odd but rather normal and actually a great way of showing love and support for our favourite animals. So let’s show our love for the most loyal, brave and compassionate companion someone can have – a dog!


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