10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Wives and Girlfriends

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10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Wives and Girlfriends

Recently we did 10 reasons why dogs are better than boyfriends, so we had to balance it out and give the other side!

So here goes, 10 reasons for the opposite gender that felt left out!

  1. Dogs don’t go shopping so no waiting around for hours in the shopping mall, carrying the dog’s bags around. They rather go out and play in the park.
  2. Don’t mind if you smell a bit funny, in fact they like it! Plus no worries if you got the scent of another dog on you.
  3. They don’t mind if you pet another dog! No jealousy there from your dog. 
  4. Dogs love it when you bring your friends around unannounced at weird hours. They love the company and fun, it's never inappropriate.
  5. Dogs don’t mind you being late. They actually are more excited to see you, so don’t have to worry.
  6. They won’t mind if your forgot their birthday. They aren’t even expecting a gift, so can throw them the birthday party a few weeks later when you remember.
  7. Their parents will never visit you! So no awkward moment of seeing the parents for the first time or the mother in law coming round for a ‘couple of days’.
  8. Dogs aren’t worried about the previous dogs in your life. No chances of running in to the previous dog on a walk!
  9. Perfect travel companion on a journey. They will trust your better judgement behind the wheel and realise instinct and not a strangers directions will get you to your location.
  10. They don’t need the bling or makeup when going out. Your dog is ready 24/7 to leave at a moments notice. No need to wait for an entire movie to finish before your significant other is done getting ready.

So there, we have balanced it out. Just remember it’s all fun and jokes. Nothing serious. I’m sure we can relate to some of the points!

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