Dog Proofing Your Car

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Dog Proofing Your Car

Often times we have to take our four legged friends with us on a car trip. At the same time we want to keep our car clean and them safe so here are some tips to help:

  • Clean the car before you have your dog ride along with you. Remove any dirt, small pieces they can choke on or any other mess that has accumulated. Especially those who have kids, there may be food items stuck somewhere, or broken pieces of toys so need to ensure the car is clean.
  • Get a seat cover or large waterproof blanket. There are blankets made that fit all the backseats of a car now. You need this as you will realise how much hair your dog truly sheds once they been in the car. There are also hammock type covers that cover the extra area between the edge of the backseats and the back of the front seats. Also if you have a large car and want the dog in the cargo area then can get a bigger cover for that space.
  • Seat belt harness is a must have. Just like you want to be safe with your seat belt, get one for your dog. It will also keep them in one place and reduce the mess. Make sure it is safe and comfortable for your dog. It should keep them in place but not cause any distress while doing so.
  • Can cover windows with plastic or cling film covers. This will eliminate all the smears and wet noses pressed against the window. Once the journey is over, just throw away. Quick and easy solution if you just use some cling film from the kitchen. 
  • Cover up the odour in the car either with an air freshener or essential oils. You will need something in your car with a dog around. Smell can build up and sometimes you just need a quick solution on a short journey. 
  • Upholstery cleaner for any accidents. You want to clean up right away and avoid staining. If you leave the cleaning too late you will get stains and will take a lot longer and require more effort. So if you see something, just clean it there and then. Keep one if these cleaners in your car as you will need it with a dog around. 

Share some of your tips for making a journey dog safe in the car.

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