10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

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10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats!

Hey Everyone,

I just love dogs, and can’t stand those cats owners thinking cats are better pets! Here are some reasons why dogs are just better animals and pets!

This is just some light-hearted fun, nothing serious.

  1. Dogs are happy – you see them smile, laugh and play along much more than cats. Dogs make me laugh everyday, and I can’t remember a cat making me laugh.
  2. Dogs love to play – every time I see my dog, he wants to play and enjoy himself. Cats on the other hand want to keep to themselves. I can take my dog out to the park and play fun games, and they can keep you entertained for hours. Can cats do that?
  3. Dogs don’t have litter boxes – I can’t stand the thought of litter boxes in my house! Dogs know where to go to do their business.
  4. Can go for a walk – can’t think of anything more silly than a cat on a leash taking a walk with you! Dogs on the other hand can accompany you for a walk, or an errand, holiday or anywhere really.
  5. Help make friends – as you can take your dog out, chances are you may interact and make friends with other dog owners, or any one else who might strike up a conversation seeing your cute dog.
  6. Dogs are excited to see you – no one is happier to see you come through that door after work than a dog. Will jump up, hug and lick you!
  7. Dogs protect you – they have a special bond and are very protective of their owner, making sure nothing can harm them.
  8. Unconditional love – will love you no matter what happens, through the ups and downs. They are a faithful and loyal companion
  9. Heroes – they are real life heroes, from sniffer dogs, helping in the police, rescuing people, busting drug gangs and now some even being trained to identify certain types of cancers! Dogs are true heroes servicing humanity and making the world a better place.
  10. Man’s best friend – who can argue with that? The most loyal of companion, having lived with man by his side for centuries. Loving use, caring for us, protecting us, playing, listening and enjoying each others company. How can any other animal be better when they are our best friends?

Share some of the reasons you love dogs as well.

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