Renting While Being A Dog Owner

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Renting While Being A Dog Owner

Hey everyone,

Not everyone can be a homeowner and there may be times in your life when you need to rent out a place. It might be temporary or long term but you will want your dog with you at your home. However there are certain difficulties dog owners and pet owners in general face. Some landlords and companies may not be too fond of allowing pets on the premises so you need to do a bit of convincing.

Here are some tips that can help if you are in this situation:

  • Be honest – The most important thing, so you do not have problems later on with evictions. Let the landlord know, as they will find out eventually. It is also for fellow pet owners as you do not want to create a negative perception of dog owners and maybe ruin the chances of the next person.
  • Leave plenty of time – Do not do your house hunting at the last minute. Instead give yourself as much time as possible to search, view and find the ideal place for you and your dog. It’s not easy finding a dog friendly place, so need a lot of planning in advance.
  • Flexible – Don’t restrict yourself, as you will need to make some compromises. It’s unlikely you will get everything you want so prioritise the most important aspects of a property to you and your dog.
  • Pet friendly areas – Ask local animal centres, vets and other organizations for pet friendly areas. It best to get a place here than convincing someone to adjust the rules for you.
  • Large rental organizations – Best to avoid them if they have a no pets policy. It is unlikely they will adjust the rules for you even though you may have the cutest little puppy! It’s easier to try and convince individual landlords instead.
  • References – If you have rented before with your dog then get a reference from your previous landlord. Let them know you have not had any issues, and been a great tenant.
  • Resume – For your dog listing as much information as possible. It will show you are serious and not just an irresponsible owner. List the breed, weight, health check up information, vet details, training, behavioural traits, hygiene and anything else you think will help. If a landlord sees this, chances are they will take you a lot more seriously.
  • Introduce yourselves – You and your pet, as meeting in person and seeing is not the same as discussions over the phone or via email. If the landlord sees your dog and how well behaved he/she is, it will make more of an impact than other forms of communication. A well-behaved dog can sway it for you! 
  • Trial period – Offer a trial period so the landlord can be comfortable. It is often uncertainty that is holding them back, as they are unsure how it will turn out for them. So help minimize by offering a trail to elevate their fears.
  • Writing and document – Make sure all your agreements are written, so there are no problems in the future. Make sure the no pets clause in the contract is changed in writing and it’s not just a verbal agreement. Even the trial period needs to be defined in writing and agreed to.

Let us know if you have any other tips or stories to share on this topic?

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