Why Dogs Eat Grass?

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No one actual knows why dogs eat grass for certain. There are many theories as to why they do it but no one can say for sure. You might often find your dog eating grass and it is quite common. They don’t actually have the ability to digest the grass as they lack the enzymes to break down the fibres in the grass. Though only a few vomit after eating grass, majority do not.

There are some theories and will mention them below:

  • They are lacking a balanced diet or poor nutrition. Though there is no proof, many speculate that as they are lacking or deficient in some nutrition like fibre and they are attempting to make up for it by eating grass (and other things they find).
  • They like it and it is tasty. It could be as simple as that, that they like the taste and enjoy it.
  • Eating out of boredom. They may have nothing else to do and wondering around the garden just pick up this odd habit! Try giving them something else to play with or chew. Or engage in fun activities, as boredom can often lead to bad behaviour in dogs. You need to keep them engaged in good. Healthy activity and make sure they live active lives.
  • Eating due to illness. Some have suggested they eat due to stomach issues, they turn to grass for some relief. Or they were feeling nauseated and that has led them to eat the grass. It is likely that those who were ill before eating are the ones that throw up as well after eating it.

Although we do not know the real reason, it is important to remember if your dog does eat grass, they are not alone. It is quite common and most experts do not believe it is harmful. Just be careful if you use herbicides and pesticides in your garden. Also if you dog is throwing up then seek the advise of a qualified vet.

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