Why use a dog bed?

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Why use a dog bed?

Should you let your dog sleep anywhere or have a dedicated dog bed? I firmly believe a dog should have his or her own bed, maybe not just one but as many as needed!

And here is why:

  • Keep them warm, especially in colder months. No dog should be on the cold floor, instead cuddled up in a nice insulated warm bed.
  • Great on the bones with a soft cushion, providing support for arthritic joints. Especially important for older dogs. A comfortable bed is much better than a hard or wooden floor for them.
  • It’s also their own space where they can return to and rest. Just like we have a special place in our homes, whether a certain chair we sit on or a certain place we retreat to after a stressful day, dogs should also have their own space with a nice comfortable bed!
  • Keep the hairs in one single place! If that is not reason alone I don’t know what is then! Instead of them curling up on the sofa or anywhere else, they can keep the hairs in one place. Much easier to clean that way.
  • Following on from the above, keeps the odour in the same place just like the hair!
  • If you have an outdoor dog then they need it more than others. While out all day, they are likely to get tired and need a good rest!

 Let me know your thoughts on dog bed, and if you use them?

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