Micro chipping Dogs

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Micro chipping Dogs

Hey folks,

Today just want to touch on a small but important subject of mircro chipping your dog.

Now we all hope and pray that a dog never goes missing or gets lost, however we know it happens. Chances might not seem high for your dogs but there is still the small possibility, so one solution to find them is micro chipping.

I know some may say there are dog collars or tags but imagine if these were lost or if a dog is stolen, then these might be removed and disposed. A microchip can not only identify the dog but also prove the dog is in fact yours in any dispute.

So what is a microchip?

It’s simply a small chip, about the size of a rice grain, which is placed under the skin of the dog. So it can’t get lost or removed like a tag or collar. Only professional vets can have it placed on a dog.

It contains a unique number by which your dog can be identified once scanned. Details are logged on a central database, so in any event where the dog needs to be identified they can be scanned and the owners can be traced. 

The most common question asked by worried dog owners regarding micro chipping is  whether placing the chip is painful or not?

And the answer is a reassuring ‘No’. It’s a very simple procedure and doesn’t require anaesthetic and should bring no more discomfort than a standard vaccination.

So I would recommend checking with a local vet or animal centre and look into getting a microchip. It is fairly cheap and gives a certain reassurance and piece of mind. I hope we never have to use it, but if anything did happened I think most would feel better knowing that the dog can be identified through a chip and it gives a better chance of finding a lost dog.

Let me know your thoughts.

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