National Pet Day

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National Pet Day

April 11 was national pet day in the US and since being founded in 2006 it has spread globally.

So what is National Pet Day? 

It is a day to celebrate they joy and happiness our pets bring to our lives. While also using the occasion to highlight and create greater awareness for some of the issues animals face throughout the world. Whether it is animal rights, ill treatment or those waiting in shelters and rescues up and down the country for a new home. This is a great opportunity to educate others and a way to help animals in need.

Many will ask if there is a need for a specific day? In an ideal world there should be no need, but I think this quote below by the founder of National Pet Day captures why we need days likes these:

"Many people think that humans are superior to animals, but how is that possible when humans can't even properly love each other? We're not able to come close to being superior to the pure & perfect unconditional souls that animals are.
If we could...we'd have no need for this day".

Colleen Paige

So what can you do at this time to help animals?

Here are some ideas:

  • Spreading the message – let friends and families know and if you can set up awareness campaigns in the local community.
  • Adopting instead of buying – helping local rescue and shelter organizations find a home for the many animals without one currently.
  • Donating to local shelter – this needs to be encouraged by more people. Imagine if millions of people donated just $1 every month. No one would even realise or miss that $1. But the impact would be amazing. So if we work together there is amazing potential.
  • Talking part in peaceful demonstrations.
  • Writing to local politicians and highlight areas you want them to tackle. They are there to represent you and help in local issues so you them.
  • Donating to local shelters and dog charities – any one that is helping the cause of animals.
  • And any other way you can think of helping!
So help spread the word about this important day to friends and family. And let’s hope the message gets to the right people so we can end this cruelty to animals worldwide. 

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