Why Adopt a Dog?

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Why Adopt a Dog?

Many of you guys will be dog owners already while others will have an interest in getting a dog for a pet. Let me reassure you it will be the best decision you will ever make!

One way to become a dog owner is to adopt and this depending on your situation and circumstances it may be better than getting a small puppy. So here are some top reasons on why you should adopt:

  • You will save a life – with many dogs without a home in shelters, adopting will give them a new home and lease of life.
  • They are older and likely to be trained and more responsible. They should be able to follow some basic instructions and commands as well. Unlike puppies who will require a lot of your time and attention.
  • Skip the upbringing stage of puppies which can be very time consuming and expensive as well with the vet bills.
  • Can choose one suited best to your lifestyle and home to a certain extent. Well-run adoption centres can be very helpful in this regard helping to pair you up with a good match.
  • They generally make a good transition to a home and do not need constant 24 hour care.
  • Extremely loving, kind and loyal. It is a myth that many are rescued because of behaviour issues or have caused problems in the past. If there are any issues the centre will let you know. 
  • You can find dogs of all shapes, sizes and colors at the adoption centres. There is plenty to choose from and almost guaranteed you will find one that will fall in love with instantly!
  • Will get a best friend for life!

Let us know what you prefer?

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