Pet Owners Independence Day

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Pet Owners Independence Day

Today on the 18th of April 2017 is Pet Owners Independence Day! I’m sure many are wondering what exactly is this holiday… 

It is a fun idea of role reversal with your pet. So instead of going out to work today while the dog is lying around doing nothing you should be resting while they work.

Yes, it is not a very practical holiday as I’m sure dogs would not be able to do all our jobs. But it’s a nice occasion to relax and maybe wonder what it would be like if we switched places for a day? It would be difficult for dogs to check and respond to emails and attend meetings all days. However what about us though? What would we do if we had a day to live as a dog?

How about a game of fetch or chasing the cat? Maybe that is too tiring on a holiday and a nice nap on the couch or outside under the sun is more your style. It seems really fun if could take their role, their lives seem much better at time!

Let me know how you think it will be swapping places with your dog?

Either way, I hope everyone has a great day today!

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